Krewe of TIX

 W-T-I-X and we love you!
T-Ben, Hot Rod, Pal, M&M and JD.

Michael in the Morning-

Michael in the Morning, or M&M for short, is one New Orleans’ most recognizable radio personalities. However, Michael’s career in radio began behind the scenes writing and producing special programs. In 1976 he became program director of WRNO, and the station quickly became one of the top stations in New Orleans and #1 among Baby Boomers. In 1979 Michael was hired by WABB AM & FM in Mobile, and just as quickly it became the #1 station in Mobile and the #1 rated rock station in the top 100 US cities. He returned to his roots at The Rock in 1980 and programmed the station to even greater success. After the departure of the station’s morning air personality shortly before a ratings sweep in 1982, Michael took over the air shift and became Michael in the Morning. When WRNO was sold to an out-of-town company in 1992, Michael strove to put another station on the air. That station would be WTIX-FM, on the air in 1995. Michael has been the program director and the morning show anchor on TIX-FM ever since.


Hot Rod Glenn –

Hot Rod Glenn is a veteran broadcaster first heard in New Orleans on “The Mighty 690” in 1976. A year later, Hot Rod made the move to FM when he hosted the night show on WRNO. He moved to the mid-days for awhile before co-hosting mornings with Michael in the Morning. He was at WRNO for about 6 years. He left the broadcasting industry after some time on Magic 102, but with the launch of WTIX-FM in 1995 Hot Rod returned to the mid-day at the FM successor of the station that kicked off his New Orleans career.

Ya Pal Al Nassar –

Pal Al Nassar is a native of New Orleans and a veteran broadcaster. After getting his start in Baton Rouge he premiered on the New Orleans airwaves at the legendary 690 WTIX, the country’s first Top 40 radio station. Following tenure at one of the country’s premier rock stations 99.5 WRNO, the Rock of New Orleans, he served as program director and on-air personality for 92.3 WCKW. Pal spent over 10 years on Magic 101.9 and as a talk show host on 870 WWL in the months after Hurricane Katrina. He’s now come full circle back home here with the Krewe of TIX, where he’s doing afternoon drive and on the radio every Saturday morning. Catch him live every Sunday night at the Treasure Chest Casino for the Sunday Night Oldies Show.


JD the DJ-

J. Douglas, a.k.a. JD the DJ first brought his radio talents to New Orleans as part of the staff at WIXO-FM 98.5 in 1972. JD made the switch to WNOE after the station converted to a Top 40 format. He left radio briefly to pursue an engineering career at Radio Shack and later spent years at the space program at Michoud. But, JD couldn’t resist spinning the stacks and stacks of wax, and he became one of The Rock Jocks at WRNO on the air on weekends for 15 years. JD the DJ joined the Krewe of TIX in 1995, where he currently pilots the “Rock and Roll Flight to Midnight”.


Sgt. T-Ben Boudreaux-

Sgt. T-Ben Boudreaux with the daily morning segment The News You Need Now is a tongue-in-cheek mock news report lampooning politicians, celebrities, and topical news stories, concluding with his signature catchphrase, “nobody cares!”


Johnny Tyler-

Johnny got his start in radio at the Rock of New Orleans in 1979. He’s also been heard on WTIX AM and a variety of other New Orleans radio stations. Now he’s on TIX FM rocking out with you every Saturday evening from 3 ’til midnight.